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NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute

Cell therapy, introduced at NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, is a new paradigm in the medical world. Till recently, there were broadly speaking two types of medical treatment options that were available – medicines and surgery. But now a third option in the form of cellular therapy has emerged.

A part of the evolving field of has been set up in the year 2008 to help patients suffering from incurable neurological disorders get relief from their symptoms and physical disabilities. By using the safest and most effective available treatments and technologies from the field of Neurosciences and Regenerative medicine, NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute has set new standards in the medical world bringing in a new class of professionalism in a scientific, holistic and caring manner. Regenerative medicine where healthy tissues can be used to replace and repair the damaged tissues. This has opened up a complete new world of treatment options for man incurable diseases and injury.

The Greatest benefit of this treatment is in the field of neurological disorders. Damage to the brain and spine due to various diseases and injury did not respond satisfactorily to the medicines currently available nor were there any surgical options to repair damage of the nervous tissue.

With the availability of cell therapy all has changed.

Patients with brain stroke can now use their hands, patients with paraplegia can walk with support, patients with muscular dystrophy an regain power in their limbs and do not die in their early twenties, children with cerebral palsy don’t have to live with spasticity anymore and children with autism have improved social, intellectual and communication abilities that are reintegrating them back into society. We are now able to extend the lifespan of killer diseases like DMD and MND. Cell therapy is therefore a modern miracle of our times! A miracle that is giving life to people who would otherwise not sustained and giving strength to the hands and legs of paralyzed people.

Our strategy is to promote the recovery of neural function with a close integration of

  • Cell Therapy
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation through Physical, Occupational, Speech, Psychological therapies and others (neurological rehabilitation, sexual rehabilitation, positive reinforcement, nutrition, etc.)

The treatment protocol strictly adheres to the guidelines as laid down by the international and Indian authorities. An Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy has been formed, which constantly evaluates, approves and monitors all the clinical work, data and research work done at NeuroGen.

Adult stem cells, derived from the patient’s own bone marrow are used. There are no major ethical concerns regarding the use of these types of cells.

Even small functional gains may have a significant effect on the quality of life of our patients as well as their families. Hence, our treatment program is customized to the specific requirements of each patient. Follow-ups are done at regular intervals after the treatment and further course is advised as required.

Till date, more than 2000 patients from 33 countries with incurable neurological disorders have been treated at NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute.

The NeuroGen team is headed by Dr. Alok Sharma and the medical panel includes:

  • A medical team (neurosurgeon, neurophysician, pediatric neurologist, psychiatrist, urologist, Andrologist, general physician, general surgeon, orthopedic surgeon & ophthalmologist)
  • A basic science team (neuropathologist, microbiologist & geneticist)
  • A rehabilitation team (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist, speech therapist, aqua therapist and yoga therapist)

Along with therapy, there is a strong emphasis on academic and clinical research so that the best therapeutic strategies can be developed and practiced. The analysis and results have been published through scientific articles published in journals in India and across the world. Currently, over 32 articles and 6 books authored by the team have been published. Our team has also published chapters in International books.

We regularly carry out awareness activities for the patient community as well as the medical fraternity. These activities range from conferences, lectures and workshops to publishing guidebooks and making documentary movies.

We are associated with several support groups such as StemCare Foundation, Autism Connect, Association of Muscular Dystrophy, Asha Ek Hope- An MND Foundation to help rehabilitate affected families.

We understand that coping with a disability is traumatic for the patient and their family. Hence, we extend support in every possible way, not just before or during the treatment, but even after.



NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, Stem Asia Hospital & Research Centre, Plot no. 19, Sector 40, Next to SeaWoods Grand, Central Station (W), Opp.Konkan Rail Vihar,Off. Palmbeach Road, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai – 400706. India.

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